10 interesting facts about the diamond!

Diamantes, Brioletta Joyería Artesanal con gemas

Diamantes, Brioletta Joyería Artesanal con gemasI am not a diamond lover but I know how much appreciated and cherished this gemstone is. This month of April is the month of diamond as birthstone so I figured out to come up with some facts that might be interesting for everyone who like or not diamonds…

Ok, come on..who doesn’t like diamonds? Well not that I dislike them but I think there are other gemstones out there that are not as expensive and are probably prettier to me. Long story short…let´s dig in:


1. The diamond is made of pure carbon, actually it´s the same thing you can find in a pencil, but in crystal form.

2. Diamonds are not the hardest substance on earth how it is believed,  however they are use to cutting and polishing other diamonds.

3. A rough diamond doesn´t look as attractive as a finished cut and polished one.

4. Diamonds were formed nearly 100 miles under the surface of the earth 3 billion years ago…

Diamantes, Brioletta Joyería Artesanal con gemas5.  About 11 to 12 tons of diamonds are extracted every year and only 2 tons of these are of gem quality.

6. The largest diamond found was weighting 3.106 carats in South Africa, Pretoria in 1905, known as the          Cullian diamond which was cut into nine large diamonds one of which is now part of the Crown Jewels of England.

 7. The most famous diamond is the dark blue Hope Diamond (44.5 carats), known as the unlucky one with his large history…

 8. There´s a diamond planet or star out there named Lucy after the Beatles song ¨Lucy in the sky with diamonds¨, discovered in some constellation of the Milky Way. This star is made of crystallized carbon and as a diamond it weights around 10 billion trillion trillion carats … wow!

 9. White diamonds are actually not all the same white. Each white has it´s own shade and tone.

10.  The ancient Greeks used to call diamond adamas – meaning unbreakable or indestructible, which makes it one of te most hardest elements on earth.

I am sure there are more things to talk about this gemstone but to be honest I still wonder what makes it so special that everyone´s crazy about and prefer it over other gems? What do you think?